EE announces first major out of bundle price-hike in two years


All pay monthly customers will see costs for voice calls, multimedia messages, calls to premium rate numbers and some international calls will rise

EE is set to hit customers with price-hikes as it unveiled a major overhaul of its consumer price tariffs.

The operator confirmed to Mobile News that it is upping the cost of out of bundle charges for the first time in two years.

The cost of UK out of bundle voice calls will be increased from 40p to 50p per minute from September 28 for all customers, while UK multimedia messages will also go up by the same for all pay monthly customers.

Access charges for premium numbers will increase from 44p to 50p, while international texts across zones 1-5 will go up from 25p to 35p.

The most significant increase will be for customers in international zones three and four, which includes countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. These currently cost £1 but will rise to £1.60.

Confirming the price rises, an EE spokesperson said: “We’re contacting our pay monthly mobile customers to inform them of some changes we are making to the cost of calls and MMS outside of their allowances from September 28.

“Only a small proportion of our customers will be affected by these changes, as the vast majority of EE customers have unlimited UK calls and call charges to the EU remain the same. We also offer great value bundles for customers who frequently send MMS messages or make international calls.”

EE began informing customers on Wednesday (August 17) through text messages.


  1. I am leaving EE once my contract expires in November because of this. This is obviously a way to unfairly get extra money out of people who unknowingly go over their monthly allowances and in such an event this can be very costly.

    This is unlikely to affect me as I never go near my monthly call/sms/internet allowances but if EE is doing scummy stuff like this then I’m sure that more is on the way and I don’t want to be stuck with them when it happens.

  2. I was just able to cancel my contract. If you received an email saying that you’re affected, call them (150) and ask to speak with a team manager. Quote the pages linked in your email and your T&Cs and they will cancel it.