Phone thefts rise with the temperature


The London area alone saw a total of 13,312 in the months of May, June and July alone

Mobile phone thefts in London soared this summer as people in the capital spent more time outside due to the good weather, according to figures from the Metropolitan Police.

The number of recorded incidents in London in May, June and July totalled 13,312, up from 11,815 in the preceding three months, as more people spent time out on the streets.

The biggest hotspot for phone thefts in June and July was in the London borough of Westminster, with a total of 822 handsets reported stolen, according to a freedom of information request submitted by Mobile News. This was followed by Islington (670), Hackney (526) and Camden (412).

A spokesperson for the London Metropolitan Police warned that people should remain vigilant, in what is predicted to be the warmest UK August for 13 years.

The Met Police spokesperson said: “Anyone using a mobile phone on the street or in a public place for any purpose including texting, playing a game or making a call is encouraged to be vigilant and aware of their surroundings.

“This can mean avoiding getting smartphones and other devices out when leaving stations, or not walking on the road-side of the pavement, as this can potentially leave users more vulnerable to thieves on bikes and mopeds.”

Theft summer surge

Other parts of the country have also seen a rise in reported thefts. There were 2,291 stolen mobiles within the Greater Manchester area between June and July, an increase from 2,155 in April and May.

Hertfordshire saw a total of 477 incidents in May and July. There were just 373 throughout February, March and April.