Vodafone partners with Skoda for connected Kodiaq SUV


The new partnership will see Vodafone SIMs embedded in all Kodiaq models, allowing users to get information on servicing and location from their smartphone

Vodafone has partnered up with Skoda to provide in-car Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity in all Kodiaq models.

The SUV is expected to launch throughout the UK in early 2017, with prices starting from £23,000. Each model will have Vodafone SIM installed allowing users to pair their Android or iOS smartphone with the Skoda Connect function.

Real time alerts on whether the vehicle is locked, its location and if it needs a service can be viewed. Skoda’s emergency call centre will also be contacted automatically in the event of an accident. In addition, owners can also view and access smartphone apps, including phone, music, maps, messages and more, on a screen within the motor’s cabin.

This isn’t the first time Vodafone has worked with a motoring manufacturer. It announced a partnership with Volkswagen and Audi in March 2014 where models post-2015 had similar connectivity features. Both German car makers are owned by the same parent company as Skoda.

Vodafone director of IoT Erik Brenneis said “We’re delighted that Skoda, another major Volkswagen Group brand, has followed VW and Audi in partnering with Vodafone as its IoT communications provider.”