Exertis launches ‘ground breaking’ Linx 820 and 1020 tablets


Exertis has launched the Linx 820 and 1020, the latest ‘ground breaking’ devices in its Windows tablet range.

Both products are available to purchase from the Basingstoke-based distributor now. The 820 (£129.99) only has an eight-inch display, whilst the 1020 (£189.99) has a larger 10-inch screen. One difference between the pair is that the 1020 comes with two USBs as opposed to just the one on the smaller variant. The 1020 is the only tablet that can be attached to an optional keyboard as well.

A major feature is the included ‘all-in-one’ display station. This allows the user to connect the device to any compatible TV via HDMI and stream the content from the device to this new additional screen. Media from any Xbox One can also be streamed to the Linx products for gaming on the go.

The Linx brand was launched eight years ago as a white label for various consumer technology products, such as digital photo frames, Bluetooth speakers and cables. Exertis had partnered up with Microsoft in 2014 to launch tablets under the Linx name. Its first three variants were available in seven, eight and 10-inch models. By the end of last year, more than 120,000 models had been sold through the likes of Amazon, eBay, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Asda.

Exertis mobile director Simon Woodman said: “The combination of the Linx tablets and display station give you endless options. In the home or office, you can seamlessly continue your personal or business projects by adding a keyboard and mouse using the extended display for the perfect desktop environment. Or turn your tablet into a gaming machine with gamepad support.

“Hook up a gamepad and play games seamlessly over your home network from an Xbox One console or high-powered PC rig. Or turn it into a media hub by docking the tablet to make any TV Smart and connect to all of your favourite streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Sky Go.”