Three joins Vodafone and TalkTalk in support of ‘Fix Britain’s Internet’ campaign


The campaign comes after Ofcom decided not to split BT and Openreach into two separate entities

Three has joined Sky, Vodafone and TalkTalk for the ‘Fix Britain’s Internet’ campaign, calling on Ofcom to fully separate BT and Opeanreach.

The campaign was launched in July this year by TalkTalk, Sky and Vodafone following Ofcom’s decision not to wholly split BT and Openreach into two independent bodies. UK internet providers have felt that Openreach has worked towards BT’s favour and have blasted the regulator’s ruling.

Ofcom’s choice is still subject to consultation and the decision may be overturned depending on input from broadband providers and industry bodies. The campaign currently has more than 75,000 signatures supporting it.

CEO Dave Dyson claimed BT currently controls too much of the UK’s mobile airwaves. Only by fully separating it from Openreach can UK mobile customers get the best connectivity. He said: “We have always focussed on providing the best mobile data experience and we are passionate about ensuring everyone has access to a high quality internet connection.

“For over a decade, Ofcom has failed to introduce a fair system for customers to switch their number and the UK not only lags behind Europe but the rest of the world to the detriment of UK consumers.”

According to the operator, it carries almost half of the UK’s mobile data traffic, with usage more than doubling over the last two years. It claims customers consume 5.4GB of data each month, an increase from the average 2GB in 2013.



  1. What about “Fix Britains Mobile networks”. Poor rural coverage, no 4G in many places so unable to take full advantage of data plans. Yet still charged the same as those who get fast 4G in the Cities.