UK app economy to lose £6bn next year from security concerns

uk app economy

Report from Statistica forecasts UK app economy to be worth £7.1 billion in 2016 but could miss out on billions due to consumer concerns 

The UK economy could lose out on more than £5.7 billion by the end of next year due to security concerns around mobile apps.

This is according to a report by Opinium published on October 6, which claims mobile users were reluctant to download apps due to data protection worries.

Data protection fears were found to be more prevalent in the older generation (60+), at 37 per cent. Coupling with privacy concerns is app reliability with 26 per cent in the survey stating failure of an app had prevented completion of important tasks.

However apps have proven to save the UK population 2.2 hours a month when using a service that could otherwise be done through an alternative method.

Rackspace UK managing director Darren Norfolk said: “Our research shows that security and reliability are the biggest concerns for consumers when using online services. Both these issues often boil down to having a robust and scalable infrastructure in place.

“Having access to expertise on how to run the infrastructure and plan for traffic peaks is something that can sometimes be forgotten, look at Pokemon Go which went down shortly after the app was launched. The technology itself wasn’t the problem, it was the fact that the IT team planned for fifty times less traffic than what they eventually received.”