Virgin Media phone trading encourages early handset upgrades


Virgin Media customers now have the freedom to upgrade their handsets by trading in current ones, before the ending of contracts

The initiative is called ‘Virgin Media Freestyle.’ Customers on long term contracts can find out the value of their current handsets, and send it to the network to pay off the remaining value. Airtime is not calculated in contract value, customers also have the option to pay off the remaining value if the trade-in does not cover it.

Previously Virgin Media launched ‘Freestyle’ in 2014 where contracted handset and airtime were separated. It allowed customers to change tariffs every month to find a more suitable allowance.

Existing ‘Freestyle’ customers qualify for ‘Freestyle Trade Up.’ Taking advantage of the trade up requires customers to sign up for a 24-month contract.

Virgin Media director of mobile Annie Brooks said: “Not only can our customers move up and down our mobile plans on a monthly basis to adapt to their changing usage, but they can now trade in their existing phone and get the latest handsets at incredible value. With much more coming from Virgin Media over the next few months – our mobile customers have lots to look forward to.”