BT to offer world’s fastest public WiFi


WiFi speeds of up to 1Gbps will be available from various kiosks dotted around London

BT claims its new WiFi spots will be able to offer Londoners ‘the fastest’ public broadband speeds available once they are rolled out next year.

The new hotspots are the result of a partnership between the British broadband giant, WiFi specialist LinkNYC and outdoor advertising agency Primesight. Named Links, the kiosks will be installed across major high streets in London from next year. Hundreds of users will be able to access speeds of up to 1Gbps from one kiosk.

More than 750 are planned to be installed throughout the UK over the next few years. More than 100 will be placed in the London Borough of Camden. The only other major city with the kiosks is New York.

Existing BT phone boxes across the city will be replaced by the new system. BT claims they take up less space on the pavement than a conventional phone box. Each one also has embedded sensors which can track air and noise pollution, outdoor temperature and traffic conditions. They have been designed with the purpose of introducing smart services to local councils.

Users will also be able to make calls, charge mobile devices and gain access to maps free of charge. These services are free and will be funded entirely from revenues made from advertising featured on the kiosks.

London’ deputy mayor for business Rajesh Agrawai said: “I welcome this exciting new addition to London’s streets.

“London is already widely regarded as one of the technological capitals of the world but the Mayor is determined to improve connectivity across the city to ensure we maintain that position.”