Report: Internet security firms failing to keep up with hackers

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Report finds Internet security firms are failing to keep pace with market requirements offering inadequate mobile device security

Internet security companies are not doing enough to keep mobile devices safe from potential hackers, according to a new report. It found most mainstream security providers are failing to keep up with current security flaws.

The report calls for businesses to urgently prioritise device security and seal up all possible entries for a major hacking.

This is according to research conducted by Ovum carried out on 4,000 people across 20 markets including Germany, France, Netherlands, UK and the US. The survey was conducted back in February this year.

It found 41 per cent use three or more mobile devices for work daily, creating multiple routes for hackers to enter. Less than 30 per cent who use personal devices for work have not had any security software installed.

Around 60 per cent use personal devices to access corporate data; 47 percent use their own smartphone and 25 percent their own tablet. Lastly eight per cent are experimenting with wearables to increase productivity.

Ovum analyst Andrew Kellett said: “This report shows that we are waking up to a new work-life paradigm, and one that isn’t well enough supported by yesterday’s notions of security. People expect to be highly connected, with unrestricted access to business systems and this is the new challenge for security platform vendors.

“It is essential that businesses embrace security outside of the traditional perimeter, rather than treat it as an extension of a Windows-first endpoint protection strategy.”