Consumers unaware of threats to mobile networks


Less that a third of mobile users are aware of any security weaknesses in mobile networks according to research conducted by Xura.

Only six per cent of the 1,667 who took the survey showed they were aware of vulnerabilities in the mobile networks that could lead to their calls or texts being intercepted with 29 per cent saying they would change their network provider if they were a victim of a crime as a result of exposed networks.

Xura Security Strategy and Marketing Director Mark Windle said “According to the research over two thirds of subscribers questioned feel they are moderately well protected by their service provider from fraudsters and hackers. Until the network is properly secured, the operator is putting this significant amount of customer loyalty at risk.”

However, the survey also found that only 32 per cent of mobile subscribers never check their balance or bill to verify that they have been charged properly.

“Often these attacks can happen without the mobile user’s knowledge. With fraud, the only indicator maybe on the subscriber’s bill.”

“We appear to have considerable faith in mobile operators, hence why many of us may not think to suspect any inaccuracies in bills.

The survey of Xura customers in the US, UK and Australia also found that Operating system vulnerabilities, apps, operator data leaks, Bluetooth, WiFi and voicemail hacking were at the top of customers security concerns.

Windle added “with security becoming a priority for consumers and enterprises alike, operators have an opportunity to become the trusted provider by moving quickly to combat potential exploitation”