BT announce mobile plans for businesses


BT mobile has launched a single bundle tariff for businesses to buy for all of their employees.

The plan, called Mobile Sharer, will allow companies to sign their employees up to the service and buy allowances for everyone to use.

BT claim that shared tariffs have the potential to reduce the cost of business phones to companies and will offer tariffs that start from 1000 and stop at unlimited minutes and texts and 1GB to 6TB data allowances per month.

The packages also contain low roaming charges to countries such as Australia, America and European countries and gives the users access to 5 million BT wifi hotspots and Extra Speed 4G which has the potential to deliver data speeds of 60mbps if the network and device can comply.

BT have also teamed up with BlackBerry to offer the BlackBerry UEM Cloud that allow businesses to remotely manage each device, control what apps are installed on each device and receive reports when there is a security breach alongside the Mobile Sharer plan.

BT Managing Director Small Medium Enterprise Mike Tomlinson said “This new plan is geared towards giving businesses greater confidence when investing in their mobile assets by increasing flexibility and boosting mobile security.

“The ability to share call, text and data allowances helps to lower costs while flexible international roaming options remove the worry of employees incurring unexpected bills when working overseas.”