One in three Brits never fix damaged phone screen claims Envirofone


The mobile recycling specialist surveyed 4,170 adults across the UK in September last year

Nearly a third (30 per cent) of all Brits who have cracked their mobile phone screens have never taken their devices for repair, according to the latest research from handset recycling specialist Envirofone.

More than 4,170 adults across the UK were surveyed in September last year, with 26 per cent admitting to having broken the displays on their mobiles. Over one in five (21 per cent) had a year or longer left on their contracts.

The worst city in the UK for damaged screens was Birmingham, with Envirofone having received 771 handsets with the issue. It was followed by Sheffield (738), Newcastle (697), Manchester (693) and Nottingham (656).

Envirofone group marketing and online strategy director Richard Mavers said: “The fact that so many of us choose to put up with a smashed phone screen for so long suggests that not enough people know the options out there for getting a new handset.

“To fix a cracked smartphone screen can cost around £150, but many people will be able to trade in their broken handset and get a replacement before their contract ends, often for much less than that.”