‘UK households paying too much for broadband’

2321 have found that UK households could save an average £322 each by changing their Broadband provider.

The Ofcom-accredited comparison site also revealed that 42 per cent of the 2,000 broadband customers in the UK that were interviewed had never changed their broadband provider.

Around 1,000 of the people interviewed hadn’t changed in the last five years and 35 per cent had only switched once in the same five years but 74 per cent would ditch their current provider if they could get the money they would save in cash. telecoms expert Dan Howdle said “Thanks to recent changes in the rules courtesy of Ofcom, switching broadband deal is not only incredibly quick and easy, it’s also seamless and painless.

“The whole process now takes less than fifteen minutes either online or on the phone. Fifteen minutes to save £322 per year on average? For most of us that would constitute the highest-earning quarter of an hour of our entire lives.”