2017 predictions: Redeem Group CEO Paul Adams


Redeem Group CEO Paul Adams tells Mobile News his thoughts on what might happen this year, including the importance of device trade-ins and increasing services for customers

The UK mobile industry will continue to see device trade-in becoming increasingly important over the next 12 months.

As the pre-owned mobile handset market matures and trade-in becomes an intrinsic part of new product sales, mobile network operators, handset manufacturers and high street and online retailers will put increasing value on the sourcing of their products.

The portfolio of services a customer will expect as part of that transaction will continue to increase.

These will include competitive leasing options that will enable customers to upgrade to preowned devices every year, on-device diagnostics services allowing for accurate instant valuation and improved in-store data wiping services. All of which will form a key part in clients’ loyalty and retention strategies.

With the continuous evolution of new handset technology, high-end devices are regularly being released into the market.

Despite this, the quantity of new devices sold in many markets throughout the world is starting to show signs of slowing down, while the number of pre-owned handsets continues to increase and are now becoming more widely available to consumers.