BlackBerry introduces new security platform


Cloud-based service can prevent cyber hackers from penetrating devices and protect sensitive data 

BlackBerry has launched a new security platform it claims can help reduce the costs for businesses running mobile security.

The Canadian manufacturer announced the product at the beginning of December. Operating from the cloud, the package uses ‘BlackBerry Secure,’ software which helps secure mobile hardware, IoT products, messages and files within a company.

For example, it prevents cyber hackers from penetrating devices and computers while ensuring sensitive data is not vulnerable to attacks.

The manufacturer claims breaches and cybersecurity threats are some of the biggest dangers for companies.

BlackBerry CEO John Chen (pictured) said: “Businesses must be able to confidently and reliably transmit sensitive data to keep people, information and goods safe.

Future proofed

“Our customers’ investments are protected because this foundational platform is not only compatible with our current products and third-party software like Microsoft 365, but is also ‘future-proofed’ to address upcoming capabilities.

“It allows customers to build their own apps, workflows and business processes, and will be compatible with future applications and cloud-based systems”.