2017 predictions: Uplands Mobiles MD Paul Hooper


Uplands Mobiles manging director Paul Hooper tells Mobile News his thoughts on what might happen this year, including security and 5G

This year is not the time for sitting back and relaxing – 5G and superfast everything is coming.

It is widely predicted by many experts that in 2017, half of all employers will have instituted mandatory Bring Your Own Device policies, which will then result in a major increase in the presence of mobile in the workplace, for all, not just for some.

Yes, tablets are great, but mobile is still king, and we are going to see even more formally complex activities sliced up into easy-to-digest fragments that can be consumed, processed, and executed in a very short amount of time on that still quite tiny screen.

Security will feature heavily, as will personalisation, understanding the more personal it becomes, the more it will help us prioritise, the more we engage with the workflow and tasks, the more we and others feel empowered.

In 2017, our families, friends, teams, customers, will feel the presence of even more direct communications, reaching all with relevant information, and providing an environment where people feel connected. No platform is better suited to support this than mobile. We know the phone is not a tool, it’s an extension of our very self.