BT to announce sweeping price hike


Basic broadband will rise by £2 per month, fibre optics £2.50 and 1p for mobile and landlines

BT will raise its prices for broadband, fixed lines, mobile and start charging customers for BT TV.

Copper-based standard broadband will rise by £2 per month from April 2, while BT Infinity fibre broadband will go up by £2.50.

BT TV customers will have to pay £3.50 a month for BT Sport from August 1. Customers with BT Broadband and watch Sky satellite service will see a £1.50 increase up to £7.50 per month.

Non-BT Broadband customers who watch BT Sports on their Sky Box will see a £1 increase to £22.99 per month.

Anytime calling plans will go up by 49p to £8.99 a month with evening and weekend call plans to go up by 30p to £3.80.

Pence-per-minute rates are increasing by 1p and call set up fee is up to 21p, a 2p increase. Individual calling features will go up 25p, such as Call Minder which will increase from £4.25 to £4.50.

Reactions consumer telecoms expert Dan Howdle said: “This affects every one of BT’s customers to a lesser or greater extent and is in my opinion completely unjustified. These price hikes are absurd in contrast to current rates of inflation and, quite rightly, I would expect BT customers to be fuming.

“Customers should remember that under current rules, in the event of a price hike, they have the right to switch out of their contract free of charge. As a BT customer you do get a vote in this – but it’s a vote with your feet.”

uSwitch broadband expert Ewan Taylor-Gibson added: “Today’s announcement also comes hot on the heels of Sky’s line rental increase, which will come into effect from 1 March and, in a similar vein to BT, follows a price hike on its TV packages in June last year.

Mobile News has reached out to BT for a comment.