5G economic benefits will overtake fibre connectivity by 2026

Evans: "The future is mobile and 5G will be another massive evolution in that"

Research conducted by O2 found that the benefits of 5G in the UK will soon threaten fibre-broadband

O2 has found that the economic benefits of 5G will outstrip the benefits of fibre fixed-broadband within six years of it’s planned launch in 2020.

It was also found that as the UK aims to secure it’s economy post-Brexit, investment in 5G infrastructure will increase in order to sustain growth and boost productivity.

According to the ‘Tech-onomy: Measuring the impact of 5G on the nation’s economic growth’ report, the economic impact of 5G will be felt twice as quickly as fibre-broadband and directly add £7 billion a year to the UK economy.

Despite fibre already being available, the study found that the economic benefits of both 5G and fibre will both surpass £6 billion in 2026 with the former surpassing £8 billion a year later and the latter broadband reaching the same mark a year after that.

O2 CEO Mark Evans said: “Mobile is the invisible infrastructure that can drive the economy of post-Brexit Britain.

“The future of 5G promises a much quicker return on investment than fibre broadband, and a range of unprecedented benefits: from health applications to smarter cities to more seamless public services.”