ZTE cancels smartphone crowd-sourcing campaign


The campaign raised $36,000 (£29,000) far from its $500,000 target

ZTE cancelled a crowd-sourcing campaign on February 17, that encouraged the public to design its new smartphone, as the project only raised seven per cent of the $500,000 target.

Dubbed ‘Project CSX’, the campaign’s original deadline was February 18 but only garnered 190 backers, raising $36,000 (£29,000) on crowd-sourcing website Kickstarter.

According to ZTE’s Kickstarter page the ‘Project CSX’ phone would allow users to interact with it through voice control and eye-tracking. Pages could have been scrolled through eye movement.  It would have also used a “self adhesive” case allowing to be stuck on surfaces.

ZTE cancelled the project based on the feedback it had received but did not say the project was completely dead.

“However, this doesn’t mean the project is over, we are re-evaluating the device for the winning Project CSX idea – an eye-tracking feature with self adhesive backing – and it will be implemented based on your feedback.”

Backers who pledged a minimum $199 would have received the device had the half a million dollar target been hit. Those who had backed the project will get their money back. The project began in August last year.