Samsung and Nokia team up for 5G testing


The two companies have been working together since early last year and have completed an initial phase of interoperability testing in that time.

Samsung and Nokia have collaborated in order to make sure that products in vendor portfolios are ready to embrace 5G.

The partnership is part of a commitment made by Samsung at the Silicon Vally 5G Summit in October last year.

Both Samsung and Nokia agree that the early success and transition into 5G are reliant on the industries ability to embrace the network and will continue lab testing throughout 2017.

The goal for Samsung is to ensure the performance and compatibility between the Korean giants 5G Customer Premise Equipment which provides 5G connectivity for the home and Nokia’s AirScale radio access.

Both devices are expected to be deployed throughout the U.S. and Korea throughout the next two years to put both markets in a good position for the commercial rollout of 5G in 2020.

Samsung executive vice president of next-generation communications Paul Kyungwhoon said: “Ensuring that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals is a huge part of building a healthy 5G ecosystem.

“Samsung is building the infrastructure and devices to ensure an end-to-end 5G solution.

Nokia executive vice president of mobile networks products Frank Weyerich said: “Collaboration between vendors is crucial for 5G to enable new business in the mobile market and other industry sectors.

“The joint interoperability testing between Nokia and Samsung is an important step for making 5G work across networks and devices.”