Samsung teases flagship release in late March


The Korean manufacturer broke the tradition of launching the latest ‘S’ handset at Mobile World Congress this year as they opt for a private event in the last week in March.

Samsung have teased the launch of the new Galaxy handset at the Unpacked event on the 29th March on Twitter.

The Korean giant run a series of videos featuring the outline of a traditional handset with the words ‘This is what a phone looks like… until 03.29.2017’.

The slogan ‘unbox your phone’ closes a video and the outline of the top and bottom of a handset, possibly alluding to a bezel-less or display or edge screen that has been a feature in four of Samsung’s premium handset range over the past three years.

Images of the latest handset have also been leaked on twitter featuring the same top and bottom bezels outlined on Samsung’s page.

The Unpacked event will be held in New York at 11am EDT (4pm GMT) and live streamed globally through Samsung’s website.