Vodafone surpasses 50 million IoT connections

Vodafone has worked on IoT with Tesla, Audi and Porsche

The network is the first global Internet of Things provider to surpass 50 million connections and has also reported around one million new connections per months.

Vodafone announced they have become the first global Internet of Things (IoT) mobile provider to exceed 50 million connections.

Automotive, healthcare and utilities sectors have shown a noticeable interest in IoT according to Vodafone who also announced that they are making around one million new connections every month.

The most recent Vodafone IoT Barometer report found that 24per cent of businesses’ IT budgets are being allocated to IoT with 76 per cent of businesses believing that IoT will be ‘critical’ for future success.

The Barometer also found that 48 per cent of businesses that are using IoT are doing for large-scale business transformation with 86 per cent of the industrial sector  seeing significant return from their IoT adoption.

Vodafone director of IoT Ivo Rook said: “Vodafone were one of the earliest believers in the potential for the Internet of Things to transform business and life.

“The 50 million milestone is a testament to our continued focus and commitment to innovation in this rapidly growing and dynamic sector.”