MWC 2017: Alcatel rebrands to keep itself going for 20 years

Zibell: we must target smartphones at a more mature market

The rebranding was done to attract a new target audience  

Alcatel has rebranded itself in a move it claims will help it remain in the market ‘for the next 20 years’.

The manufacturer, owned by Chinese parent group TCL Communication, announced the brand changes as it unveiled its latest A5 device. It follows a previous major rebrand at last year’s MWC which saw it ditch ‘Onetouch’ from its name in a bid to appeal to a millennial audience.

New branding will be accompanied by the tagline ‘Enjoy Now.’ Its aim is to appeal, not only to the millennial generation like the previous brand campaign, but also a maturing audience who might also use applications such as Uber, Tinder and Deliveroo.

The brand’s advertising will be altered to include those in its new targeted demographic using such software on Alcatel’s new phones.

TCL CEO Nicolas Zibell (pictured) claimed this new message, combined with the new range of affordable smartphones would help create a completely different view of the brand.

“We now have a different brand positioning,” he said.

“The market is maturing and we need to design new devices to match this. Ones that will bring all the latest technologies and make them accessible at an affordable price.

20 more years

“We believe Alcatel will be here for the next 20 years. These new devices will give you a completely different view on the brand. We are not just targeting

millennials. It’s not about age. Anyone can enjoy these products and the various different apps available. Deliveroo, Tinder and Uber; everyone uses these apps and we’re designing our products and brand to represent this.”

Alcatel is currently positioned third biggest smartphone manufacturer in the UK by share, after leapfrogging the likes of LG, Sony and HTC to account for 10.5 per cent of the market.

This was revealed to Mobile News by UK and Ireland country director William Paterson, who quoted figures from leading market forecasters GfK, last month.