MWC 2017: Teleplan confident of replicating success in the US throughout the UK

Lancombe: Teleplan is totally focused on the UK now

Dutch firm targeting 20,000 repairs in the UK by the end of the year

Repair and recycling specialist Teleplan International is confident it can process more than 20,000 repairs in the UK by the end of the year, replicating its success in the US.

The Netherlands-headquartered firm specialises in the diagnostic testing and refurbishment of devices such as mobile phones, CPUs, hard drives and set top boxes.

Major customers around the world in its base of 150 include the likes of AT&T, Nokia, Amazon and HTC, whilst Liberty Global, IBM and Sky sit amongst its 10 partners in the UK.

The £266 million turnover firm currently operates in 95 countries globally, including Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Mexico, the US, Poland and the UK.

Growing UK team

Established in 1983, the company entered the UK market in 1999 and has since grown its staff numbers in the country to 70. It employs more than 5,000 overall.

CEO Francois Lacombe (pictured), previously CEO of rival ANOVO between April 2012 and September 2016, used MWC to show off two of Teleplan’s ‘USPs.’ These are machines he claimed can speed up the repair and refurbish process significantly.

One called the ‘T Nest’ can simultaneously charge, test and update the software of 14 handsets.

They can then be moved to another automated device called ‘T Revolution’ which analyses the screen, speakers and other hardware on a phone for problems. A human operator can control eight of these at once, with Lacombe claiming it reduces the average time taken to diagnose a handset from 14 minutes to just five.

Lacombe added the company processed more 20 million transactions throughout Europe, whilst numbers in the US and the Netherlands both sit equally at around 20,000. Although declining to reveal current UK figures, he is confident Teleplan’s USPs and its size can help it achieve its UK target.

Size is important

Speaking to Mobile News, he said: “We’re a medium sized company which works in our benefit. A lot of larger companies often have the problem of their recycling solutions needing to go through too many approval processes. The size of our company means we can avoid that.

“We’ve also got a lot of experience within the business are our repair and recycling processes eliminates human error and repair time significantly. This is incredibly important to busy customers in the UK and I am confident all of this can help us see a repeat of our success across Europe and in the US.”