Sophos: security key to flexible working trends


Firms need to adapt to a younger workforce 

Businesses need to adopt more security on devices to enable flexible working patterns and ensure they gain the best talent when recruiting.

That was the view of Sophos senior security advisor John Shier, who expressed a younger workforce is more “connected” and firms need to adapt to them.

He added businesses can do so by adopting flexible working schemes, but can if high-end security is in place. Security software and hardware company Sophos, which claims to be a leader in network endpoint security and launched its Enterprise Mobility Management solution, Sophos Mobile 7, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This enables small media enterprises to provide security on all devices.

“Today’s workforce and people coming into the workforce are heavily expecting a freedom of mobility,” said Shier.

“Being able to move in time and space is important because that’s what they’re brought up with.

“The younger generation is used to having information at their fingertips and we need to cater to that as they’ll want to retain that autonomous mobility they’ve, for example, experienced in university,” said Shier.

Appealing to workforce

“When a company says ‘no’ and you have to use this old device, you can’t surf the web with it and you can’t take it home. Fresh talent would be put off taking that job.

“If firms what to harvest the best talent – entering the workforce, you need to provide them with a way to work that’s measured to their strength up to that point. They don’t need beanbag chairs and whatever millennial stereotype there is.”

Sophos director of marketing Petter Nordwall added that enabling workers to access sensitive data should come as standard as the average worker no longer just uses their business device within normal working hours.

“Using mobile products make workers more productive. The world is more switched on – very few people turn the lights off and go home at 5pm. They don’t take work with them.

“Mobile devices are the way to do that. Allowing workers to access sensitive company documents should be a standard.”

Sophos is headquartered in Oxford, with premises in a further 11 European countries.