Samsung to add AI to S8


The latest iteration of the flagship series will have a button exclusively for activating Bixby.

Samsung have released details of Bixby, the artificial intelligence agent that will be rolled out in the Galaxy S8.

Users of the latest flagship device, due to be announced at the Samsung unpacked event on 29th March, will be able to take advantage of Bixby in a number of pre-installed applications.

Once an app is Bixby-enabled, the user will be able to carry out almost every task theĀ user can using touch and the Korean manufacturer is planning to release a tool that will allow third-party developers to make their applications Bixby-enabled too.

Bixby will be able to understand the context and state of the application it is used in, allow users to continue with what they are doing whilst Bixby is being enabled and will be able to carry out tasks without having a complete command.

Samsung plan to install Bixby into machines such as air conditioners and Televisions in the future so that users can control machines using just their voice and Bixby will be introduced into the cloud so that as long as a device has an internet connection and a microphone, it can connect to the agent.

Samsung executive vice president and head of R&D InJong Rhee (pictured) said: “we believe the key to success for a new voice interface is to design a scheme that reduces friction and makes the experience significantly more rewarding.

“Bixby will help remove friction, simplify user education with new voice interfaces and will make using your phone even more seamless and intuitive.”