Samsung Galaxy S8 will set it up for success in 2017


After a rollercoaster year for the manufacturer, Manny Pham thinks its new flagship will help regain any lost consumer confidence

Article 50 will be triggered on Wednesday, marking the day we begin divorce proceedings from our cultured cousins. But, we’re all more interested in the Samsung Galaxy S8 launch on the same day, arguably the biggest launch in the industry. It’s the Korean manufacturer’s chance at redemption, and to reaffirm its place in the current duopoly.

Samsung was dethroned by (who else) Apple to become the world’s largest manufacturer taking 18.3 per cent market share, shipping 78.3 million units in Q4 2016, according to IDC. A fall from the summit is hyperbole as Samsung recorded 18.1 per cent, shipping 77.5 million units in the same period.

From a figure perspective Samsung is in a good position to claw back its position despite the Note7 controversy in October. Samsung’s reputation was in flames due to the Note7.

The Aftermath included: global airline bans, claims for injuries and a £4.3 billion damage control bill. According to analysts the damage to its reputation was irreparable, but Samsung still reported Q4 profits of £5.8 billion for the three months ending December 2016.

Still, it was the industry’s worst-ever recall, causing massive damage to its brand. The S8 won’t be this magical brush regaining confidence overnight, but it will be a good start if it manages to capture the imagination. We’ll have to see if Samsung can work some magic.

Well, that is if a Brexit armageddon doesn’t trigger before the press conference.