Samsung to refurbish and relaunch Galaxy Note7


The manufacturer hopes to put the Note7 back on the market if there is enough demand and agreement from local authorities and operators

Samsung is planning to refurbish the 2.5 million recalled Galaxy Note7 devices after a battery fault caused some to catch fire.

If demand is present, with agreement from local authorities and operators, Samsung said it may resell the Note7.

The manufacturer also said in a statement “salvageable components shall be detached for reuse”. Components highlighted to be recycled are the camera modules and semi-conductors. Samsung will extract precious metals such as copper, nickel, gold and silver by utilising eco-friendly specialist firms.

Environmental organisation Greenpeace lobbied Samsung to reveal its plans for the recalled Note7 devices. It launched petitions and staged a protest at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year.

Greenpeace East Asia global senior campaigner Jude Lee said:  “While we welcome this news, Samsung must share as soon as possible more detailed timelines on when it will implement its promises, as well as how it intends to change its production system to make sure this never happens again”.

Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy S8 tomorrow (March 29).