Brits visiting USA risk £3K phone bill


Brits could come home to a bill bigger than the cost of a family holiday to Florida due to charges for calls, texts and accessing voicemail

Research conducted by price comparison and switching service, has found that British holiday makers visiting the United States of America could come home to a bill of £3,022 from a two week trip.

These bills are accumulated if the consumer opts out of a £50 cap on usage to protect customers who could see charges as high as £190 per day however, according to, some networks will remove the cap if the plan.

Just under a quarter (24 per cent) of consumers were greeted by a bill for roaming charges on their return with one in 10 finding the charges over £100 more than their regular phone bill. telecoms expert Ernest Doku said: “There’s a good reason to be wary of roaming charges this summer.

“With a single MB of data – enough for just four minutes of web browsing – costing up to £8 in the USA, it’s well worth looking into roaming deals before you travel.

“Although a holiday should be a time to forget about the mundanity of household bills, the Chancellor has announced that, from August 1 this year, VAT will be applied to roaming chargers, meaning they’ll be 20 per cent more expensive.”