Sky Mobile looks to disrupt the market with Swap


Sky is offering handsets from manufacturers Apple, Samsung, LG and Sony

Sky Mobile has claimed its entry into handsets can help it disrupt the mobile market with some of the cheapest monthly plans available.

The move comes four months after the MVNO, running off the O2 network, launched with airtime plans at the start of the year. Called ‘Swap’, Sky is offering handsets from manufacturers Apple, Samsung, LG and Sony.

It has direct relationships with Apple, while other hardware is being sourced from various UK distributors (names undisclosed).


Much like O2’s ‘Refresh’ tariffs, subscribers can split the airtime and handset bills into two separate payments.

A one-year and two-year option is available and customers simply send their phones back to phone to get a new device at no extra cost. All traded-in handsets are processed through Scottish recycling giant Redeem.

Refresh has received significant success after the operator revealed two million of 25.5 million subscribers were on the plans. A 32GB iPhone 7 on a two-year plan with 1GB of data, unlimited minutes and unlimited texts cost £33 per month, as opposed to similar plans on EE (£45.99 per month) and O2 (£46 per month).


Sky Mobile commercial director Liz Wynn, who previously held several leadership roles at EE for six years before joining the media giant in January 2016, is confident handsets can help the company differentiate from the market.

“We think there’s plenty of demand for this and it’ll help us differentiate.

“It’s quite radical because we will be offering some of the lowest monthly pricing compared to any of the operators. I can really see this being disruptive.

“I’ve been around the industry for a long time and satisfaction across providers isn’t strong because a lot of them are associated with strict rules, regulation and pricing. We wanted to do away with that with Sky Mobile.”