Vodafone expands rapid phone replacement service to SMEs


Vodafone Rapid vows to replace lost, stolen or damaged work mobiles within four hours, now includes larger businesses

Vodafone has expanded its phone replacement service to business customers with more than 50 connections.

Vodafone Rapid aims to replace lost devices within four hours or less from an approved insurance claim. In addition for every hour beyond the promised four, the operator will reimburse customers £10 up to a maximum of £40.

The service was launched as a UK industry first in June last year to small business customers. Vodafone employs dedicated scooters to deliver phones in London and utilises couriers for the rest of the UK.

Research conducted on behalf of Vodafone UK by YouGov last year found the loss in potential revenue to a small business of not having access to their mobiles for one day could be as much as £12,000.

The survey questioned 1,255 senior decision makers from British businesses with less than 10 employees, of which 1,024 have a work mobile. This was done online from May 16-25, 2016.

Vodafone UK enterprise director Phil Mottram said: “Many executives rely on access to their mobile devices to conduct their work and run their businesses in the most convenient and efficient way possible.

“For those with a heavy reliance it’s critical to get replacement phones as quickly as possible when a mobile is lost, stolen, damaged or breaks down.

“This is where Vodafone Rapid comes in – getting the country’s business population back up and running with a replacement phone within just four hours.”