18pc of children aged six to eight own a mobile


Over 60 per cent of parents let their children play with smartphones to distract them

In Europe 18 per cent of children aged between six and eight have their own mobile phones.

This is according to research conducted by American case manufacturer Peli, on 2,000 consumers across Europe, in December last year.

Ownership rate predictably rises going up in age brackets, with 20 per cent for children between nine and 11. Over 50 per cent of children over the age of 13 own a phone.

Parents admitted to not sharing their smartphone with their children for speaking to someone, but will oblige to keep them occupied. Over 20 per cent occupied their children in restaurants with smartphones, 18 per cent in medical waiting rooms and 22 per cent when generally outside the home.

Only 29 per cent of respondents said they did loan their devices to their children.

Responders were asked how long were their children allowed to spend on their phones per week: 49 per cent one hour a week, 33 per cent five hours, 10 per cent 10 hours, 2.5 per cent allow 10-15 hours a week, and four per cent allow over 15 hours a week.

A recent study on 2,000 smartphones users by Peli revealed 72 per cent of mobile users have damaged their phones often from a careless member of the family. With over 50 per cent of that figure not taking immediate actions to repair their devices in a month.