Two million households sign up to BT Call Protect in three months

john petter

Telecoms giant hails popularity of fixed line nuisance call blocking service since launch in January

BT claims two million households have subscribed to its fixed line nuisance call blocking service, BT Call Protect in under three months.

The free service – the first of its kind in the UK – launched in January this year. It allows customers to divert unwanted calls such as personal accident claims and PPI, to a junk voice mail box. BT will identify nuisance calls on the BT Blacklist which will automatically send them to your junk voicemail.

Personal blacklist

Users can also create your own personal blacklist to send all future calls from unwanted numbers to their junk voicemail. The service is completely free to all BT customers and the data is monitored from the broadband giant’s research centre in Oswestry near Shropshire.

The telecoms giant estimates that since launch it has blocked 65 per cent of unwanted calls. More than 80,000 calls are made a week contacting BT Call Protect to add numbers to personalised blacklists, or change settings or check voicemail.

Nuisance calls

BT has published the top five offending nuisance caller types for March 4–11 this year, recording 29,480,477 in that week alone. Top of the list is accident claims (41 per cent), personal details scams (18.5 per cent), PPI (6.4 per cent), computer scams (12.6 per cent), debt collection (7.5 per cent) and other (14 per cent).

The firm predicts it can divert up to 1.6 billion calls a year. It is thought that PPI and accident claims companies alone are responsible for 800 million of these calls.

BT Consumer chief executive John Petter (pictured) said: ”The response to BT Call Protect has been massive. Having more than two million customers already using the service is a fantastic achievement in our fight against the companies that pester our customers with millions of nuisance calls.”