Mobile users would crack their screen than let family see Internet history


47pc keep their devices encased and in good order to retain some resale value when upgrading

Almost 50 per cent of mobile users would rather suffer a cracked screen than let a family member see their Internet browsing history.

This is according to a study from case manufacturer Peli, on 2,000 smartphone users across Europe in December 2016.

It also found over three quarters (76.5pc) respondents damage their smartphones while running to catch public transport. Over 25pc admitted to dropping their smartphone in the toilet, while 8.2 per cent have had it stepped on at a concert.

Almost half (47pc) try to keep their devices encased and in good order to retain some resale value when upgrading.

Peli EMEA managing director Estefania Fenoy said: “Our research shows that 72 per cent of mobile owners said that they had damaged their phone so it is really important for their privacy that they look after their device!”

“Respondents in the research said that the main cause of phone damage was when owners were running to catch public transport – be it a plane, bus or train. But with the festival season about to start, consumers should take note that 9.15% of respondents said the phone had been broken by someone stepping on it at a concert.”