Sky Mobile unveils cheapest monthly 500MB plan in UK


Unlimited texts and minutes and 500MB of data will be exclusively offered to Sky TV customers from June 1 for £5 a month

Sky Mobile has announced the lowest 500MB SIM-only plan with unlimited calls and texts found in UK.

Available from today (June 1), the SIM-only plan is being exclusively offered to Sky TV customers, who only have to pay for the data allowance as Sky are picking up the charge for the calls and texts.

The tariff can also be added to a phone plan with no additional upfront fee, with the tariff and selected handsets, including the Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6S, starting from £12.50 per month for Sky TV customers.

The plan comes after research from Kantar Media found that over a quarter (26pc) of SIM-only mobile users currently have a data allowance less than one GB.

For those that are not Sky TV customers, the £10 cost of the unlimited texts and calls will be added to the price, coming in at £15 for the SIM-only plan and £22.50 for the cheapest handset package.

Sky director of mobile Liz Wynn said: “Our new tariff gives even better value to Sky TV customers as they can now get 500MB of data with unlimited calls and texts for only £5 per month.

“It’s also available with all our handsets and Sky Mobile now offers the lowest monthly price with no upfront cost compared to major networks across our full range of phones with prices starting from just £12.50 per month.”