Ericsson forecast over 2.5 billion more mobile broadband users by 2022

Evans: "The future is mobile and 5G will be another massive evolution in that"

According to the Ericsson Mobility Report forecasts a million new mobile broadband subscribers a day until 2022

Ericsson have predicted that 2.6 billion new mobile broadband subscribers will be added through 2022.

The Ericsson Mobility Report equated the figure to over a million additions a day resulting in 31 billion hours of HD video streaming.

The latest collection of statistics from the report saw the highest year-on-year mobile data growth since 2013, due to the growth of mobile data use in India.

Ericsson chief strategy officer and head of technology and emerging business Niklas Heuveldop said: “Based on measurements made in hundreds of mobile networks, the Ericsson Mobility Report data truly illustrates the tremendous underlying growth in the industry.

“4G subscriptions are increasing faster than ever, Voice of LTE uptake is accelerating and traffic growth has reached levels we have not seen since 2013.

“I am particularly excited to see the industry’s major steps to progress network evolution, including the approval of the Non-Standalone 5G New Radio that will enable early 5G deployments.

“According to our forecast we anticipate that this will lead to more than half a billion 5G subscriptions and a population coverage of 15 per cent by 2022.”