Vodafone expands education scheme to five million African children

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The programme aims to help those who have difficulty getting access to education

The Vodafone Foundation has expanded its education programme to benefit more than five million children in sub-Saharan Africa with limited access to education.

The ‘Instant Schools For Africa’ campaign aims to provide children across the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Lesotho, Mozambique and Tanzania with access to online learning. Children, young people and educators will get free unlimited access to the campaign. It is also available offline to help support those without internet access. A similar campaign in South Africa has already benefitted 215,000 children, claimed the operator.

Vodafone has developed the latest programme in partnership with charity Learning Equality. Subjects in the campaign include maths and science, with levels ranging from primary to secondary school standard. The network claims sub-Saharan Africa has the lowest rate of primary school enrolment, with 34 million children out of primary school.

Vodafone Foundation Director Andrew Dunnett, said: “From refugee camps to remote parts of Africa with few schools, connectivity gives children the opportunity for a better future. Instant Schools For Africa has the potential to transform the lives of millions of children excluded from education, giving them free access to the same materials used by children in developed markets to help them achieve their ambitions.”