P2i see coating demand “sky rocket”

P2i headquarters in Oxford

The nanocoating provider revenue grew 65 per cent last year as it prepares to announce a handful of new partnerships

P2i is on course to treat 110 million devices with its nano- coating technology this year.

This would compare to a figure of 70.3 million in 2016, was almost doubled from the number of devices treated in 2015. It has treated over 175 million since to date, including handsets from Huawei, Lenovo, Motorola and Nokia.

The company also recently received a £10 million investment from Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank as well as growing revenues 65 per cent last year to £18.3 million.

P2i CEO Ady Moores said: “We are seeing demand sky rocket. New customer adoption is going through the roof and 2017 is definitely the break out year for us in terms of the way we are seeing the demand come through.

“We will be launching our technology with five or six-well known OEMs in the second half of 2017 so new customer adoption is going very well.

“We’re seeing significant uptake and are very positive about the future about nanocoatings and the way the mobile industry is adopting them to solve their reliability issues.”