IDC: Tablet market decline slows in second quarter


The market as a whole declined 3.4 per cent, an improvement on the 8.5 per cent decline seen in Q1 2017

The decline of tablet shipments worldwide improved over the second quarter of the year finishing on 37.9 million devices.

According to IDC shipments throughout the world grew 5.1 per cent over the quarter but did not grow enough to improve on the same period a year ago.

Despite the poor performance of the market as a whole, three of the top five tablet vendors were able to find growth with Huawei and Amazon in particular seeing 47.1 per cent and 51.7 per cent growth respectively when compared to the same period in 2016.

Apple saw a 14.7 per cent growth in shipments year-on-year following the release of the new iPad Pro finishing the quarter on 11.4 million shipments compared to 10 million a year before, increasing market share to 30.1 per cent in the process.

Samsung were able to grow year-over-year market share by point four of a percentage and Lenovo market share declined 0.8 per cent with both manufacturers seeing 0.8 per cent and 14.6 per cent a dip in growth respectively.

IDC research director of devices and displays Linn Huang said: “The second quarter was a slight righting of the ship and there is still much to be hopeful about in the back half of 2017.

“New product launches from Microsoft and Apple are generally accompanied by subsequent quarters of inflated shipments, the reintroduction of Windows to the ARM platform could help remedy the hollowing of the middle of the market and we expect a proliferation of Chrome OS-based detachable in time for the holiday.”