Westcoast launches cloud service provider programme


The ‘Westcoast Cloud Development’ programme has four star levels with perks and benefits to accelerate cloud growth

Westcoast has launched a programme to provide support and benefits for its cloud service provider (CSP) partners and accelerate growth in the segment.

The ‘Westcoast Cloud Development’ programme has four star levels.

Star level one helps resellers create a cloud account and access to product cheat sheets and guides. While star level two gives access to white label marketing material and gains access to all current and new level one benefits.

Star level three provides development through offering white label billing and star level four provides paid for Microsoft Accreditation Exams.

All current Westcoast CSP partners at least qualify for star level one.

Number one for CSPs

Westcoast cloud services director Mark Davies (pictured) said: “The beauty of the Westcoast Cloud Development programme is that it’s ideally suited for all of our partners. It doesn’t matter what size they are, whether they are new to cloud, or they’re a more established CSP provider, there’s a great opportunity here for everyone.”

“From helping to automate cloud services to addressing specific business needs, Westcoast is committed to helping all our partners on their cloud journeys with this programme. It’s yet another example of Westcoast leading the way in cloud enablement. I believe initiatives like this are a lot to do with why Westcoast is number one for CSP in the country.”