Brits carry £490 worth of tech on average everyday


On a regional level adults from Wales carry the highest tech value on their person (£553), followed by London (£538 and Scotland (£528)

Brits on average are putting themselves at financial risk by carrying £490 worth of tech on them every day, according to new research.

This is according to data services firm Knoll Ontrack carrying out a survey on 1,067 UK adults between April 7 and 8.

On a regional level adults from Wales carry the most value on their person (£553), followed by London (£538) and Scotland (£528).

Bottom is the East and the South West above (see chart).

Over 26 per cent of UK adults have experienced damage to devices in the past 12 months, 56 per cent needed repair or replacement, highlighting the financial risk.

Brits are unaware of risks presented by not backing up devices or recycling properly, with one in 10 (11 per cent) admitting not knowing whether data is completely wiped after disposal. Only 32 per cent regularly carry out backups.

Kroll Ontrack Western Europe managing director Phil Bridge said: “Despite the promise of a single device to meet every single personal communications need, what’s actually happened is the emergence of multiple devices for different requirements.

Concern shift

“With backup storage in the cloud now safe and secure, the concern has shifted from data loss to damaging or losing a device. We would encourage everyone to remain extra vigilant when carrying their devices around and to insure that they use cases or protective screens.

“While it is completely up to individuals how they look after and insure their personal devices, we would advise consumers to always perform backups and to ensure that they thoroughly delete personal data on their devices before disposing or recycling them.

“Our research shows that even when devices are reset to factory settings or are partially destroyed by water, fire or physical damage we are still able to recover personal data from them. Specialist erasure software that overwrites existing data several times will minimise the risk of data recovery.”