Mobiles top list as Brits’ number one beach essential


Research from O2 shows 35 per cent of people consider this the most important item 

O2 has revealed that over a third of beach-goers consider their smartphone the most essential item for a day by the sea.

This is according to new research conducted by YouGov from August 8-9, which quizzed 2,000 people.

This figure is double the number of Brits who would opt for a book (17 per cent) or a swimming costume(16 per cent).

Almost a fifth (18 per cent) said they now spend at least two hours of their day at the beach surfing the internet, with 38 per cent spending at least an hour.

Other uses include downloading and enjoying music, podcasts and e-books online (32 per cent); posting pictures and checking their friends’ and families’ profiles on social media (25 per cent); working or emailing (nine per cent); and booking last-minute hotels and activities for laster in the day (seven per cent).

The mobile operator is investing over £2 million each day in its network with its 4G now covering over 97 per cent of the UK population outdoors.

High-quality connectivity

O2 chief operating officer Derek McManus said: Our survey showed good internet connection is a top consideration for 39 per cent of Brits when planning a holiday.

“We are working hard to ensure our customers have access to high-quality mobile and 4G connectivity, no matter where they are in the country – from major cities and rural communities across the UK, to our favourite British seaside destinations.”