Samsung has risen like phoenix from the ashes of Note7 debacle


Launch of the Note8 means manufacturer can put last year’s controversy behind it

Around a year ago we almost saw the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturers humbled.

Samsung’s reputation was at risk of being destroyed in the wake of multiple Note7 devices catching fire due to a technical fault with the battery.

However, industry figures, speaking to Mobile News did not think the Korean manufacturer would go up in flames like its recalled phablet device. They were right.

Samsung forecasted a £4.4 billion hit to profits with Q4 2016 and Q1 2017 to be mainly affected. However, Q4 profits grew from £4 billion to £5.8 billion year-on-year, although Q1 profits did decline 17 per cent to KRW22.47 trillion (£15.36 billion).

More recently Samsung’s Q2 figures rose 10.9 per cent to KRW28.92 trillion (£19.76 billion) driven by the release of the S8 and mid- to low-end range.

According to IDC global smartphone shipment figures, in Q1 Samsung dethroned Apple and took top spot hoovering up 22.8 per cent market share. That figure dropped by 0.1 per cent in Q2 but Samsung remains top.

Looking at manufacturers that have come and gone, it doesn’t take one colossal disaster to ruin a brand, it takes a multitude of mistakes – for example a failure to back the right software and technology.

Now, it’s business as usual for Samsung, and with the wraps being taken off the Note8 (pictured) last week, the manufacturer can put the Note7 issues behind it and not look back.