Lofty ambitions for Nokia but there’s work to be done to crack top three


Manufacturer has the brand power succeed but needs to get a number of things right to achieve its goal

Nokia is a brand loved by most and many of our first mobiles were made by the Finnish giant. However, its ambition to be the third biggest smartphone maker in the UK inside 12 months may be a step too far.

It appears to have got off to a good start with its new smartphones under the guidance of HMD Global. Reactions to the Nokia 3, 5 and 6 at Mobile World Congress has been positive, with many household names signed up to sell them.

The Nokia 8 is imminent, with availability and pricing for the UK set to be announced on September 6.

This is a key release for Nokia in its attempts to crack the premium market. Early European pricing is set at €599 (£549), potentially making it cheaper than rival models.

Competitive pricing, as well as a multi-million pound marketing campaign running until the end of the year to promote the imaging firsts on the Nokia 8, will be crucial if it is to continue its early positive progress.

However, despite its rising brand recognition in the UK among the challenger brands, third position within a year might be a little too ambitious.

Nokia will need to take share off rivals to achieve this and with Samsung and Apple pressing hard with their respective new Note and iPhone smartphones, this looks unlikely.

Remember, HMD is coming from a standing start with the new smartphones but if it can continue to successfully build on the Nokia legacy, there is no reason why it can’t step onto the podium in 18-24 months.