Sky enables customers to use UK data in 10 non-EU destinations


O2-powered MVNO enables them to use data from UK plan in 10 destinations, including Australia and the US

Sky Mobile has unveiled ‘Roaming Passport Plus’, enabling customers to use the data in their UK plan when travelling abroad in 10 non-EU destinations.

For a set price of £5 each day, they can do this whilst travelling in: Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Qatar, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey and USA.

With Sky Mobile’s ‘Roll’, any any unused data at the end of the month is saved in a customer’s ‘Sky Piggybank’ for up to three years for them to dip into when they need to. This can be used with Roaming Passport Plus in the same way as in the UK.

Roaming Passport Plus is available for all customers and will be automatically switched on when they use data after arriving in one of the above destinations.

Each period lasts 24 hours, after which a new one starts if they use more mobile data. anyone not using Roaming Passport Plus can turn data roaming off in their phone settings.

This launch builds on that of Roaming Passport in May, which lets customers on all plans use their calls, texts and data in European destinations at no extra cost.