Onecom enacting company fitness challenge


150 employees have signed up to the “Workplace Race” scheme running from Oct 10 to Oct 27

Onecom has partnered with Fitbit enacting a company-wide fitness challenge, in a commitment to its staff’s well-being.

Staff can purchase Fitbit devices at a heavily discounted rates and Onecom will bring the cost down by contributing 50 per cent of the discounted price to every employee who wants one.

Employees across 12 offices will compete in a three-week “Workplace Race” to be the most active by racking up the largest number of steps. So far 150 employees have signed up to the scheme, launched at Onecom House today (Oct 10) in Whiteley, Hampshire to mark company’s fifteenth birthday.

The largest collective step count by October 27 will be named the champions, with individual prizes on offer for those across Onecom with the highest number of steps counted.

Onecom chief operating officer Aaron Brown said: “This Fitbit scheme is a bit of light-hearted fun, but it also underlines the benefits of working together as a team and keeping active to our overall levels of performance and productivity.”

“We’ve already seen a huge buzz across the business, along with some good-natured competitiveness, as we launch into our first Fitbit challenge.”