UK must stay on track with Europe


Poor connectivity throughout the railway network still a huge issue for the UK

Industry experts agree that the UK risks being “left behind” the rest of Europe if more isn’t done to combat intermittent coverage on the railways.

Poor connectivity throughout the railway network still a huge issue for the UK, and it is affecting workers’ ability to be productive according to Cobham Wireless rail coverage director Anthony Sutton.

The comments follow the Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond’s commitment to “futureproof the railway network in the north” last week at the Conservative party conference.

Sutton urged the government to look to Germany, Netherlands and Spain for inspiration, and to invest in coverage on the railways to achieve the strong economy they are aiming for.

He added: “It is important that some of the government budget is used to improve mobile connectivity on our rail services.

“Many other countries across Europe are investing heavily to ensure that there is sufficient mobile coverage across their major rail routes.

“Investment in the northern rail network, as well as solving on-board connectivity, will help form the backbone of the fundamentally strong UK economy Hammond promises.”

Train connectivity vital
P3 Communications CEO Hakan Ekman and Rootmetrics general manager of Europe Scott Stonham also said that connectivity on trains should be a priority for all levels of government. Mayor of London Sadiq Khan announced earlier this year that commuters on the London Underground would be able to take advantage of 4G connectivity within two years, but both men agreed that the money may be better spent on overground connectivity. Ekman added: “Underground is an area for future focus. “Above ground is an area operators and government should focus on as consumers need to stay connected.”