CCS Insight: 300 million 5G smartphone will be sold in 2021


In four years, smartphones will also account for 92 per cent of shipments, rising over 10 per cent from the 2018

CCS Insights has predicted that in 2021 over 300 million 5G-enabled smartphone will be sold.

The research firm also predicts that next year will see two billion smartphones shipped, accounting for 81 per cent of mobile shipments as the feature phone market continues to decline.

CCS also predicts that the value of the smartphone shipments next year to be worth $375 billion (£284.5 billion) with the figure rising to $396 billion (£300.4) in 2021.

Research also predicted that devices that are 5G enabled will account for 15 per cent of smartphone shipments within two years of becoming available, quicker than 4G phones over the same period.

CCS Insights analyst Laura Simeonova (pictured) said: “Our forecast underlines the ever increasing popularity of data services for phone owners.

“By 2021 we expect 5G-capable smartphones to account for 15 per cent of total worldwide shipments and expect China to quickly become the biggest market for 5G phones as local manufacturers and the Chinese government seek a head start on the rest of the world.”