Huawei launched All-Intelligent Network


Ultra-broadband Forum held in Hangzhou China sees the launch of All-Intelligent Network by Huawei

Huawei has launched All-Intelligent Network, enabling operators to address business uncertainties when planning ultra-broadband network.

The company stated that they will present new opportunities for the forthcoming intelligent world for the development of ultra-broadband.

Huawei stated that networks lacked agile operation systems, which are hard to maintain, and rely on a small number of security features for protection, making it difficult to support the future development of business where uncertainties are widely spread.

The company underlined three key features: intelligent, superfast and simple. It is aiming to reduce response time from 30ms to 5ms, allowing new services such as internet of things (IoT), data centre interconnect, enterprise cloud applications and cloud-based virtual reality.

Huawei’s president of products and solutions David Wang said: “Intelligence arises from simplicity, and simplicity accelerates the integration of intelligence into networks.

“All-Intelligent Network is the focus of our investment and innovation when it comes to future networks.

“We are confident that the All-Intelligent Network will help carriers better seize the strategic opportunities in video, enterprise cloud adoption and 5G, and unleash the power of ultra-broadband to enable ultimate business success.”