Mobile News podcast – accessories, cyber awareness and the senior markets.


The second Mobile News podcast is now online, this week we are discussing senior phones, the accessory sector and the importance of being ‘cyber aware’.

This week there is a packed show with Belkin sales director Phil Croxford discussing what challenges the accessories sector face, if the designers get what they deserve and how companies can deal with counterfeit issues.

We also spoke with consultant psychologist, TV personality and Youngminds campaigner Honey Langcaster-James about the recent Youngminds and Cyber Aware poll.

Langcaster-James will talk about the danger when over using your smartphone and if there is a risk to your cyber security and well-being in doing so.

Doro managing director Peter Marsden and Fuss Free Phones founder Simon Rockman joined us in a debate about feature phones for seniors. Many seniors are expressing the need for less features and a more affordable simplistic modal.

Finally we spoke with Mobile News story editor Elliot Mulley-Goodbarne about the new issue out today you can subscribe here on our website, You can also catch the podcast on our Soundcloud page, and the Share Radio podcast list.